1. Go to swipht.pro. Click “REGISTER”.

2. Fill out the entire registration form. You must have a mobile device that will receive SMS.

3. Click that “Register” button!

4. When you see this page, check your mobile device for a text message with a 6 digit code.

5. Get that code!

6. Enter that code and click “Verify Phone Number”.

7. Pat yourself on the back.

Add a Business:

  1. Click the link on the very top left that says, “SWITCH TO BUSINESS ACCOUNT”.

2. You will be directed to the “Business” Swipht site. Click “+BUSINESS”.

3. Fill out the short form. You business obviously has WAY more details than this associated with it, but Swipht leaves that to another “Edit Business” page.

4. Go get a coffee! You deserve it!

More Tutorials to Come…